The projects in this section are the result of the ideas developed in order
to meet the different possible needs of our customers.

Checking of the shape of a loaded pallet

Dense 3D measurement of the pallet and its load. System able to measure the shape and to evaluate the overall dimensions by identifying the parts that are outside the outline of the pallet with the possibility to highlight them with different colours. Useful to identify if the boxes are too big to fit the outline of the Europallet or if a box is fallen during the packaging.

Augmented Reality in logistics

Autonomous pallet picking: simulation and action by inserting virtual visual content within a real context.

Dimensional control system for brake pads

Demo to check the size of the brake pads by comparing them with a virgin one. The brake pad taken as master is also analyzed with the same system.

RoboSERSE: Versatile industrial mobile robotic platform

Versatile platform in path planning and control. Autonomous navigation by fusing odometry, laser matching and Inertial Measurement Unit.

SLAM: Simultaneous Localization And Mapping

Indoor localization by means of safety laser scanner. This system work thanks to a fully automatic algorithm with generic environment without the use of markers or priori knowledge.

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