The projects in this section are the result of the ideas developed in order
to meet the different possible needs of our customers.

SmartFinder: Automatic Pallet Detection, Location and Picking

In poorly structured or in high-density warehouses, the automatic detection of a pallet together with its localization and flexible path planning in real-time is getting more and more important for modern logistics applications. We are able to integrate in OEM applications into AGV software different pallet models detection, including also other types of containers such as shuttles, their localization with high accuracy (±5mm), and flexible path planning with a high level of curvature derivative (polynomial clothoids) in real-time.


SmartGate: Multi 3D camera systems for shape measurement and assessment

We are capable of synchronising and calibrating any number of 3D cameras for Dense 3D measurement of the pallet and its load. Possible applications are:

  • bounding box for shipping volume estimation;
  • load out of shape with respect to the pallet base for high density warehouse loading (with the possibility to quantify the out-of-shape with colour scales);
  • maximum height measurement;
  • defects detection (for example if a box is fallen during the packaging).

ATL: Automated Truck Loading System

To solve the perception pain points of ATLS (Automated Truck Loading System), starting from the RS-LiDAR-16 model, we have developed a scanning solution able to improve the nominal vertical resolution from 2° to 0.1°. Here more details.

AR Smart Glasses for your workers

Strong experience in developing Mixed Reality applications on HoloLens 2. Workers thanks to this technology can collaborate without boundaries, act with precision, and increase productivity. We can develop the best GUI for your purpose, such as component assembly, quality control or navigation. We can manage and connect any network of measurement sensors by projecting their results with Augmented Reality cues through HoloLens.

Picking AGV

Workplace goods handling solution using AGVs. The solution uses a wheeled cart that is hooked through a specially designed mechanical interface. The AGV exploits the information obtained from the encoders on the wheels and a local Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) system to correct its path, adopting advanced sensor fusion techniques to improve the estimation of its position.

Dimensional control system for brake pads

Demo to check the size of the brake pads by comparing them with a virgin one. The brake pad taken as master is also analyzed with the same system.