Robosense was founded in October 2012 as a startup of University of Trento.
It is the result of a union of the staff that constitute the Measurements Research Group of the Department of Mechatronic Engineering of the University of Trento. Our group was formed in the early 2000s, and since then it has been involved in various national and European projects: the common thread always being the world of measurements, related to topics like accuracy, reliability, and safety.

Robosense was established as an innovative company in the first half of 2013 through the development and engineering of a solution for automatic pallet picking: SmartFinder. Thanks to this device the Automatic Guide Vehicles working inside the automatic warehouses could obtain a further level of Artificial Intelligence permitting an higher level of automation, identifying autonomously the pallets inside the environment and at the same time monitor the picking procedure in order to achieve a fast, automatic and safe logistic service. This project was funded by Europe thanks to SeedMoney 2013, fund related to the Regional Development Programme 2007-2013 FERS of the Autonomous Province of Trento.


The mission of Robosense is to perform a concrete  echnological transfer from the Research level, carried out both at national and European level, to the business field. Our aim is to transform the most advanced knowledges and technologies into real industrial applications, playing the role of an Independent and Versatile R&D department ables to understand and solve each specific issue or need of our customers.


Robosense is a dynamic and expert entity in the world of industrial robotics, ables to interface with different companies involved in the field of mechatronics and automation. Specific expertise is mobile industrial robotics for logistics, positively applied in several research projects, but also in the form of prototypes and devices currently used in automated systems. The company provides consultancy to develop or update products and/or carry out a concrete transfer of cutting-edge technologies to the world of industry. Our business is related to Robotics, Computer Vision and Automation in general.

This new website is dedicated to the memory of Alberto Fornaser.

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