Genequality – X120


Robosense is involved from several years in an active and continuous collaboration with AB ANALITICA srl / BioField srl of Padua, a medical company specialized in the supply of reagents and diagnostic instrumentation for laboratories.

The aim of the collaboration is the development of the GENEQUALITY X120 automatic platform. The system can analyze up to 100 samples in about 3 hours (almost 400 per day) using the one-step PCR Real time method and starting from RNA extracted from human clinical samples.

In the collaboration, Robosense is taking care of the software development for user interaction. The automation software is based on a graphic interface that allows the machine to be loaded according to one of the possible modes. The possible choices range from the only extraction of RNA starting from the samples to the creation of plates for the one-step method RT-PCR Real time. Each element introduced into the machine, whether it is samples, plates, extraction reagents, or reagents for diagnostic assays, is identified by reading bar-coded labels, and all information is stored in a database. In this way, it is possible to ensure the traceability of samples, reagents, and plates.

The software then communicates with a three-axis Cartesian robot (liquid handler) with 4 or 8 channels that control the dispensing of samples, reagents, and/or nucleic acids in desired volumes with disposable tips of different capacities depending on the operation. The whole process is then followed and monitored in order to report in the database the results and/or any anomalies. An additional module allows GENEQUALITY X120 to communicate with hospital analysis management systems to take charge of worklists and report the results when the process is concluded.

The system is in continuous evolution to follow the ever-increasing requests for automation by the diagnostic laboratories and that during the fight against the Covid-19 emergency has seen Robosense at the forefront of the development of the software to accommodate the REALQUALITY RQ-2019- kit. nCoV (CE-IVD), certified on April 3, 2020, by the Italian Ministry of Health as a diagnostic kit for the detection of Covid-19.