Rocitoo s.r.l. (Year founded: 2021, Start up)

Rocitoo is a start-up founded by Robosense and the University of Trento with the goal to transfer cutting edge research in mechatronics toward industry and clinics.

In the industrial field Rocitoo is exploring new technologies such as Artificial intelligence-based 3D vision such as NeRF (Neural Radiance Field in 3D Vision) and advanced calibration techniques between heterogeneous image sources (such as 3D cameras, traditional cameras, LIDAR, laser triangulation).

In the field of clinical devices Rocitoo is exploiting Mixed Reality and Mobile Robotics to restore the walking capability for tetraplegic and in general subjects with severe pathologies considering the caregiver point of view that, for subjects with severe pathologies, becomes in symbiosis with the subject for various basic functions.