Self-propelled wrapper robots prototype


The packaging is one of the most important operations in the industrial field. In this context, semi-automatic machines – self-propelled wrapper robots – play a key role. They allow to reduce labor costs and standardize stretch wrapping of pallets. Usually, such robots have a mechanical contact touching the surface to be wrapped to drive the robot around the load. Over the years, customer requests are becoming more and more customized. Shapes to be wrapped have become very particular and out of standard.

In such cases, mechanical contact with the surface is not feasible: the robot could get stuck in the load. For these reasons, in collaboration with Atlanta Stretch SpA, Robosense contributed to the development of an innovative prototype of a semi-automatic wrapper robot using its experience in the field of 3D vision. The result is a robotic vehicle that can wrap any product, even the one with the most complex shape. Thanks to our system, the load is identified in an accurate and precise way, enabling a perfect wrapping even in narrow areas.