Fast2Check system


In the scenario of an airport logistics sector in continuous expansion and evolution, Robosense has developed the RoboAir system for Cassioli Airport Division.

RoboAir is integrated into the automatic system of the airport baggage inspection process, which allows the automatic recovery of the trays thanks to this system. RoboAir integrates a vision module system with hybrid IR / 3D technology for the control of empty trays. The precision of the hybrid IR / 3D technology allows the identification of objects of reduced size and thickness: documents, boarding passes, coins and rings can be detected avoiding loss or system failure.

The control device is capable to distinguish the objects from the bottom graphics of the tray, therefore it is possible to completely customize the trays with sponsorships and graphics according to the needs of the various customers.

The personalization of the trays will allow the airport to make the bottom of the trays available as advertising space.

RoboAir has been installed in the main Italian airports (Fiumicino, Naples) and has more than 40 systems under its belt.