Alignment System


Robosense on behalf of the Trentino Group Gpi has collaborated to the optimization of the robotic system “Riedl Phasys” distributed and installed in pharmacies and hospitals all over the world. 

In particular, Robosense has been involved in the development and prototyping of a smart gripping system for the handling and alignment of pharmaceutical packages by means of a 4 degrees of freedom robot equipped with an integrated sensor but without additional actuators.

The innovation lies mainly in the following points:

  • the ability to align both prismatic and cylindrical packages, even with different weights, with a single gripping system. 
  • Slim and robust design against possible electronic failures thanks to the passive alignment system and the shape of the end-effector fingers.
  • Ability to plan a path-planning based on what the sensor perceives in real time.
  • Ability to self-diagnose and recover from realignment failures thanks to the integrated sensor and preset trajectories capable of using mechanical feedback in a smart way.