Automatic pallets identification and pose recognition


In collaboration with BALYO, Robosense, using its experience in the field of 3D vision, has developed a reliable system for the automatic identification, type recognition, and pose estimation of pallets for picking operations. This application enables the robotic trucks to position itself for optimal pallet pickup, using an industrial 3D TOF camera. The developed software also allows the automatic recognition of the pallet type (EUR, UK, …) that the truck is going to pick. The module can be applied in the field of storage warehouses managed by these autonomous trucks enabling them to pick pallets safely even at maximal heights. (tested at a height of 12 meters in warehouses).

In such operations, this feature finds its natural application, by vastly reducing the risk of improper pallet picking, mainly due to the unevenness of the floor and the truck structure deformation.

With BALYO, Robosense has also developed an application which enables the robotic trucks to check for freespace in the racks of the warehouse. This is fundamental to perform the dropping operation with additional safety and to optimize the spaces within the warehouse.