Development of modules for flexible autonomous guided vehicles AGVs.


Within the “Rinascimento Tecnologico” Project ( Robosense has contributed to the development of flexible self-guided AGV modules.

The use of AGV systems in the operating context in the domestic appliance world imposes production costs, operating characteristics and performances that are different from other industrial sectors. In the Renaissance Project, the kinematic performance required of the AGV automatic vehicle was above the norm: the new performance target was incompatible with the control and navigation systems normally present on board of these vehicles. It was necessary, therefore, to design a new driving system suited to the different operating context with a new navigation software (laser technology and/or optical technology with image recognition), a new control system more reactive to ensure safety in possible human-machine interference, a new diagnostic system that allows remote debugging of programs via internet connection,

a new power supply system able to use the latest generation batteries (lithium polymer technology, lead acid, lead GEL and pure lead), a new traffic management system (a fleet of dozens of vehicles follow routes that can intersect repeatedly generating considerable complexity also due to the increase in travel speed – Routing and Traffic Management problems).

In summary, the topics approached concerned:

  • Sensor Fusion

  • Calibration

  • Path Planning and Control

  • Objects Localisation