The Innovative solution for the Autonomous Pallet Picking. 

Boost your vehicles with the new way to understand the environmet.

The ultimate solution for the autonomous pallet identification and picking for the robotic logistic.




Accurate and Robust Identification and Localisation

By an innovative approach to the problems of objects identification and localisation, SmartFinder manages to identify one or more defined targets inside an unknown environment. Mounting this technology on the modern AGVs it is possible to increase versatility and agility, giving the capability of interacting with the environment instead of being constrained by it.

Optimal Path Generation

Dealing with a vehicle and reaching a target position is not easy.

The vehicles cannot move freely in the space, like shifting along their sides etc, so this needs a strategy for the motion, achievable by proper control and a path generation.

SmartFinder includes a path generator that provides the optimal path in order to reach the localised pallet; thanks to its continuous curvature, up to the third order, these paths are usable by all vehicle models and types.


Path Feasibility and Anti-Collision Check

Identifying an object is not sufficient in order to achieve the picking procedure. We developed a procedure so that SmartFinder is able to check if the target can be picked or not, giving to the vehicles and the implants a further level of security and safety.

Standard Component

"A technology that has a too high cost is a technology that does not find a real use in the real world."

This principle was and is the one of the most important elements that Robosense includes in its development of its devices. The result is a device that uses standard components, like safety lasers, industrial cameras and PCs.

Working with on-board sensors gives 2 main advantages:

  minimised invasiveness
  easy mount, use and check




The task that the SmartFinder ensures is to identify and localise the relevant pallet inside the environment.

Monitored Area: from 1 meter to 5 meters.

Pallet Position (x,y and attitude): any possible position inside the monitored area with a relative attitude of ± 20 deg (frontal pallet face normal compared to the actual vehicle orientation).

Identification Accuracy, 95% ci:

    ± 0.8 cm transverse direction
    ± 0.4 cm longitudinal direction
    ± 0.5º Attitude



From a scan provided by the safety laser scanner, in this case a SICK S3000, SmartFinder is able to identify the target object.

The results for 1,000 consecutive identifications in the previous laser scan follows.

And the associated distribution.



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