3D Shape checking

An innovative solution for the dimensional checking of loaded pallets before and after the packaging.

3D scanning system that acquires the whole 3D shape of the loaded pallets.


It comes as a functional and self contained module that can be equipped or integrated on the existing wrapping machines.
Versatile and modular it can be customized based on the customer needs.


The unique features that our scanning system offers are:

3D reconstuction of the loaded goods

As scanner the system offers the 3D reconstruction of the pallet as default data. Such information can be used for analysis purposes, data record, quality control and certification.

Localization of the pallet

The identification of the precise position and attitude of the pallet inside the scanning area, this information can be provided to a robot or an AGV in order to perform the autonomous picking of the pallet.

Recognition of the model of the pallet

The system measures the pallet and retrieves its model, this information is useful in order to verify if the new incoming pallets are conform to the warehouse requirements and then perform an autonomous differentiation directly in the unload bay.

Shape conformity checking

The most important features is the dimensional checking. From the scansion the system analyzes the 3d shape of the load, checking if it fulfills the requirements being inside the outline of the pallet.