The ultimate solution for automatic pallet picking. Thanks to this device the Automatic Guide Vehicles working inside the automatic warehouses can obtain a further level of Artificial Intelligence permitting an higher level of automation, identifying autonomously the pallets inside the environment and at the same time monitor the picking procedure in order to achieve a fast, automatic  and safe logistic service.

The development and engineering  of SmartFinder were funded by Europe thanks to SeedMoney 2013, fund related to the Regional Development Programme 2007-2013 FERS of the Autonomous Province of Trento


A new way to plot Motion Capture. Not a body scanner, nor a Motion Tracker. The Gamocap is the first device that combines the pros of both systems being the first example of a Total Body Motion Tracking System. Using a simple garmet and a multicamea setup we are able to track and return a cloud of 3000 fixed points on your body.
3D checking  
An innovative 3D scanner for the industrial machines. Optimal for the quality control of the wrapping process by measuring and analysing the 3D shape of the load of the pallets.