The knowledge acquired during years of research is a resource for other enterprises that do not have their own R&D Department. We offer the most advanced technologies related to the fields of Robotics, Measurement and Computer Vision to fit our customers' needs.

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Development of modules for flexible autonomous guided vehicles AGVs:

  •     Sensor Fusion 
  •     Calibration 
  •     Path Planning and Control 
  •     Objects Localisation 

Link to the project site


Collaboration in the tuning of the control of a molten salts circuit coupled to a parabolic solar concentrator for MATRAS – Maryland Trento Applications of Solar project.


Configuration of artificial vision systems around terrestrial vehicles

Development of measurement systems for the digitalization of anatomical body segments
  Calibration of the performances of a robotic pizza machine.

Development and integration of advanced techniques for the high level routing of industrial AGVs

Development of a robotic system for bio-analysis

Special modules for AGV navigation and object recognition and picking
Design of an autonomous mobile robot (AGV) for multipurpose robotic applications based on object recognition and machine learning
  Development of 3D visualization and sleeping quality estimation in domotics environments.
  Collaboration in computer vision, objects recognition, localization and picking for highly automated robotic vehicles in industrial sites.