• SmartFinder


    The ultimate solution for the autonomous pallet identification and picking for the robotic logistic. Read More
  • Pallet 3D shape checking

    Pallet 3D shape checking

    3D scanning system that acquires the whole 3D shape of the loaded pallets.   Read More
  • Custom mobile robotic plattform for algorithms development, testing and verification.


    Custom mobile robotic plattform for algorithms development, testing and verification. Read More
  • Linear 3D laser scanner

    Linear 3D laser scanner

    Robosense developed a custom version of a linear laser scanner for the online dimensional checking of objects made of materials with optically not homogeneous surface. Read More
  • 3D data analysis

    3D data analysis

    Robosense is focused on the cutting edge technologies, one of the most promising one is the so called ToF camera: Time of Flight camera. Read More
  • Measurement & Testing

    Measurement & Testing

    The background of Robosense comes from the field of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, with expertise in the fields of industrial mechanics, automation and especially sensors (choice, installation and management). Read More
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Robosense developes innovative products and consultancy or custom R&D for:

Robotics and Automation
Sensing via Mechanical Measurement Systems and Computer Vision

Robosense, based on the cutting-edge research conducted at the University of Trento, has the capability to make:

  • automation systems with a holistic viewpoint
  • autonomous vehicles for industrial applications more accurate and smarter
  • manipulators more flexible
  • advanced features for automatic quality control system or design
  • new testing and measurement setups 




This enterprise was constituted also thank to the European fund related to the

Regional Development Programme 2007-2013 FERS of the autonomous province of Trento 

Unione Europea FERS Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico Privincia autonoma di Trento